v. & n.
—v. (past drew; past part. drawn)
1 tr. pull or cause to move towards or after one.
2 tr. pull (a thing) up, over, or across.
3 tr. pull (curtains etc.) open or shut.
4 tr. take (a person) aside, esp. to talk to.
5 tr. attract; bring to oneself or to something; take in (drew a deep breath; I felt drawn to her; drew my attention to the matter; draw him into conversation; the match drew large crowds).
6 intr. (foll. by at, on) suck smoke from (a cigarette, pipe, etc.).
7 tr. (also absol.) take out; remove (e.g. a tooth, a gun from a holster, etc.).
8 tr. obtain or take from a source (draw a salary; draw inspiration; drew pound100 from my account).
9 tr. trace (a line, mark, furrow, or figure).
10 a tr. produce (a picture) by tracing lines and marks. b tr. represent (a thing) by this means. c absol. make a drawing.
11 tr. (also absol.) finish (a contest or game) with neither side winning.
12 intr. make one's or its way, proceed, move, come (drew near the bridge; draw to a close; the second horse drew level; drew ahead of the field; the time draws near).
13 tr. infer, deduce (a conclusion).
14 tr. a elicit, evoke. b bring about, entail (draw criticism; draw ruin upon oneself). c induce (a person) to reveal facts, feelings, or talent (refused to be drawn). d (foll. by to + infin.) induce (a person) to do something. e Cards cause to be played (drew all the trumps).
15 tr. haul up (water) from a well.
16 tr. bring out (liquid from a vessel or blood from a wound).
17 tr. extract a liquid essence from.
18 intr. (of a chimney or pipe) promote or allow a draught.
19 intr. (of tea) infuse.
20 a tr. obtain by lot (drew the winner). b absol. draw lots.
21 intr. (foll. by on) make a demand on a person, a person's skill, memory, imagination, etc.
22 tr. write out (a bill, cheque, or draft) (drew a cheque on the bank).
23 tr. frame (a document) in due form, compose.
24 tr. formulate or perceive (a comparison or distinction).
25 tr. (of a ship) require (a specified depth of water) to float in.
26 tr. disembowel (hang, draw, and quarter; draw the fowl before cooking it).
27 tr. Hunting search (cover) for game.
28 tr. drag (a badger or fox) from a hole.
29 tr. a protract, stretch, elongate (long-drawn agony). b make (wire) by pulling a piece of metal through successively smaller holes.
30 tr. a Golf drive (the ball) to the left (or, of a left-handed player, the right) esp. purposely. b Bowls cause (a bowl) to travel in a curve to the desired point.
31 intr. (of a sail) swell tightly in the wind.
1 an act of drawing.
2 a a person or thing that draws custom, attention, etc. b the power to attract attention.
3 the drawing of lots, esp. a raffle.
4 a drawn game.
5 a suck on a cigarette etc.
6 the act of removing a gun from its holster in order to shoot (quick on the draw).
7 strain, pull.
8 US the movable part of a drawbridge.
Phrases and idioms:
draw back withdraw from an undertaking. draw a bead on see BEAD. draw bit = draw rein. draw a blank see BLANK. draw bridle = draw rein. draw a person's fire attract hostility, criticism, etc., away from a more important target. draw in
1 a (of successive days) become shorter because of the changing seasons. b (of a day) approach its end. c (of successive evenings or nights) start earlier because of the changing seasons.
2 persuade to join, entice.
3 (of a train etc.) arrive at a station. draw in one's horns become less assertive or ambitious; draw back. draw the line at set a limit (of tolerance etc.) at. draw lots see LOT. draw off withdraw (troops).
draw on
1 approach, come near.
2 lead to, bring about.
3 allure.
4 put (gloves, boots, etc.) on. draw out 1 prolong.
2 elicit.
3 induce to talk.
4 (of successive days) become longer because of the changing seasons.
5 (of a train etc.) leave a station etc.
6 write out in proper form.
7 lead out, detach, or array (troops). draw rein see REIN. draw-sheet a sheet that can be taken from under a patient without remaking the bed. draw-string a string that can be pulled to tighten the mouth of a bag, the waist of a garment, etc. draw stumps Cricket take the stumps out of the ground at the close of play. draw one's sword against attack.
draw up
1 compose or draft (a document etc.).
2 bring or come into regular order.
3 come to a halt.
4 make (oneself) stiffly erect.
5 (foll. by with, to) gain on or overtake. draw-well a deep well with a rope and a bucket. quick on the draw quick to act or react.
Etymology: OE dragan f. Gmc

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